Cholinergic Drugs-ppp

Cholinergic Drugs-ppp - Dr ug MOA Comment Effect...

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Unformatted text preview: Dr ug MOA Comment Effect Characteristics Side Effe cts Nm Agonist & Nn agonist Non-Selective Ni co tin e Drug of Abuse Stim. of Symp ganglia ( ↑ HR, CNS effect~ dopamine release (relaxation)) Nm Antagonist Competitive Agents D- Tu bo cu rar in e Occupy Ach sites on NmR, no efficacy Transmembrane potential: -80mV Uses: Paralysis & relaxation of SKM allows for lower doses of general anesthetic Reduce SE (like cardio & resp. depression), shortened recovery time . Paralysis of pharyngeal & laryngeal muscles for endotracheal intubation , paralysis of resp. muscles in intubated patients w/ ventilatory failure Flaccid Paralysis (of sk.m) Long duration of action-Blocks Nn Receptors- Release of histamine from mast cells-Analogs clinically used bc fewer side effects & better PK profile Depolarizing Agents Su cci ny lch oli ne Occupy Ach binding sites on NmR-55 mV (persistent inactivation of voltage- gated Na+ channels) Transient Fasciculations followed by flaccid paralysis (of sk.m) Rapid onset, Short duration of action (rapid metabolism by BuChE, ↑ duration of action in patients w/ BuChE deficiency~...
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Cholinergic Drugs-ppp - Dr ug MOA Comment Effect...

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