PPP - GI - Dyspepsia The fullness heartburn after food sour...

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Dyspepsia - The fullness / heartburn/ after food / sour taste Heart burn - Pain in the neck - Affiliated with GERD Heart attack - Pain in the neck/jaw GERD Acid Peptic Disease - The more benign of the condition - Causing irritation but not the eroding of the GI tract - Local inflammation Zollinger Ellison Syndrome - Tumor find in area of the GI tract - Tumor that secrete gastrin (that affects the parietal cells) and produces more acid Gastric cells - Parietal cells are most important for HCl and instrinsic factor - Chief cells pepsinogen - G cells – secrete gastrin into the blood so that it affects the other cells (not stomach, but blood) - D cells – somatostatin which inhibit acid secretion when pH <3 - ECL (enterochromaffin-like cells) – histamine (release of gastric acid) - All innervated by the vagus nerve & enteric nervous system *ENS Diagram - The most effective treatment is on the H+/K+ ATPase - The second is the H2 receptors - The cholinergic system has little effects – you can only get some blocked but patient does not tolerate this o Prior to H2 and H+/K+ inhibitors – the anticholinergic was ineffective and patient were not able to tolerate the side effects o Acholinergic system – other are more sensitive than the GI to this i.e. the dry mouth, dry eyes, tachycardia not effective But they are still used for motility inhibition Class Drug Antacids (OTC)
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PPP - GI - Dyspepsia The fullness heartburn after food sour...

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