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SFD.RNAi-Lecture.Pharma.040611-page5 - n Evolve the siRNA...

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5 Targets All mRNAs Genome RNAi siRNA #1 siRNA #2 Gene X Gene Y Gene X + Y Tumor Cell Death Synthetic Lethal RNAi Response Target Selectivity and EC 50 = 10 -12 M = 1 pM siRNA #1 siRNA #2 siRNA #1b siRNA #3 time tumor burde
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Unformatted text preview: n Evolve the siRNA “Therapeutic” as Tumor Genetics Evolves seq seq Treat Recurrent Disease RNAi: The Ultimate Cancer Therapeutic? Small Molecule Inhibitors S.F. Dowdy HHMI/UCSD...
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