Vascular Endothelium & NO (Christina H)

Vascular Endothelium & NO (Christina H) - Vascular...

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Vascular endothelium and nitric oxide 1. Vascular tone is the sum of simultaneous dilating and constrictor effects a. Sum of hormonal and neural inputs determine either dilation or constriction b. Types & density of receptors for NE and Epinephrine on the smooth muscle will determine dilation or constrction 2. some hormones can simultaneous produce dilation and constriction a. how? Density and types b. time course- hormone may work faster in one cell than another c. Endothelial cells make a lot of hormone, use oxygen, and 3. Bob Furchgott and the discovery of EDRF (NO) a. Couples Gq inc Calcium in muscles contraction b. Hormone-stimulating contract in muscle c. Rubbed away intimal lining (layer of endothelial cells in vascular vescles) i. In absence of endothelium (ie. smooth muscles?)- the Ach caused constriction ii. Therefore, endothelium was producing EDRF (aka NO) in response to certain hormones, which causes relaxation 4. NO a. Diffusible messenger b. Made by endothelial cells (among many others- fibroblasts in heart under conditions that
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Vascular Endothelium & NO (Christina H) - Vascular...

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