When_testing_whether_or_not_a_fish - which the fish is able...

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Ecology Summer 2011 Lakeside Lab When testing whether or not a fish’s body shape index and pelvic fin index has an effect on the habitat in which it resides we found that it does! Therefore the null hypothesis was rejected because of evidence of a marginal difference. Because fish in moving water had a larger pelvic fin index, meaning that their pelvic fin was further back on their body, and a larger body shape index, meaning that their body length was longer in proportion to their body depth, they were more capable in cutting through moving water and swimming at higher speeds. The longer distance to the pelvic fin allows for a more narrow snout and upper body, increasing the rate at
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Unformatted text preview: which the fish is able to cut through the water. The larger body shape index gives the fish a longer, shallower body, allowing for a more torpedo-shaped fish, allowing it to glide through the water at a higher velocity. Ecology My biological hypothesis was that fish in streams would have a larger body shape and pelvic fin index because it is more necessary for stream fish to have a morphological figure corresponding to the type of environment that they live in. Also, because lake fish are in standing water, they do not need as torpedo-shaped of figure as those in moving water, such as streams....
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When_testing_whether_or_not_a_fish - which the fish is able...

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