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A Very Deep Question

A Very Deep Question - science is a dull and unimaginative...

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Iowa State University Biology 211 Time 12:40 Reading Assignment for.. “A Very Deep Question” 2. Question: Note that how scientific research is conducted (the processes of science) is intertwined with prevailing ideas about natural phenomena. This, in turn, affects new thinking about the natural world. Use information from this short story to explain how scientific knowledge and scientific process are intertwined. Answer: Scientific knowledge and scientific process are intertwined because in order to go through a scientific process it is important to have a descent amount of scientific knowledge. But also, scientific knowledge can be affected by scientific process when we attain new information. Therefore scientific process has the ability to alter our scientific knowledge. 3. Question: Many students today choose not to pursue science careers, thinking that
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Unformatted text preview: science is a dull and unimaginative process. Using this historical episode, explain how both the methods scientists use and the sense they make of data illustrate that science is a creative endeavor. Answer: Science requires an extremely large amount of creativity to come up with theories. For example, Kelvin’s idea of discovering earth’s age through calculating the time it would take to cool the Earth is extraordinary. It requires a broad imagination to come up with such an amazing idea with such little information about the core’s heat. In addition Joly’s idea of discovering Earth’s age through measurements of salt content in the ocean is brilliant. Although these men may not be precise on finding the age of the Earth, they are remembered well for their creative ideas on their quest to find Earth’s age....
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