Protocol for blood pressure

Protocol for blood pressure - Choose the Input Amplifier...

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Bio Lab 212 Iowa State University Spring 201 EXPERIMENTAL PROTOCOL FOR BLOOD PRESSURE Choose Experimental Gallery from Chart’s File Select “Blood Pressure Settings” from the right-hand list and then click open Unfasten and open the blood pressure cuff and wrap tightly around upper left arm. Cuff tube should be on inside of arm pointing towards fingers Securely attach the finger pulse transducer. Place pressure pad of the finger pulse transducer against the distal segment (tip) of middle finger of left hand Ensure the volunteer is relaxed with hands on lap, palms up, and sit as still as possible to minimize any artifacts from movement
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Unformatted text preview: Choose the Input Amplifier command from the Blood Flow channel pop-up menu. Increase blood flow to tips should show every time heart contracts. Adjust the value in the range drop-down list of the dialog window that appears. Set the low-pass filter to 10 Hz. Click ok to return to chart window. Click charts start button and record the finger pulse for about 5 seconds to make sure you can record a clear record of finger blood flow. Then click stop. Measure the blood pressure using a blood pressure cuff, record about 15 seconds of pulse data and use the time axis compression buttons....
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Protocol for blood pressure - Choose the Input Amplifier...

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