Taoism The Eastern Balance

Taoism The Eastern Balance - Mujica 1 Taoism The Eastern...

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Mujica 1 Taoism: The Eastern Balance by Marco Mujica IDH 1110, Valencia Community College Professor Edward Frame 11 December, 2006
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Mujica 2 Taoism: The Eastern Balance The Chinese have lived in harmony with nature since the beginning of their culture. It is the foundation of their core philosophies on politics, society and health. While the East strives to follow the natural laws, flowing with the primal order of the world, the West tries to dominate its surroundings, bending nature to its will. As we sprint towards new technologies, we leave nature in the dust; more of a nuisance than anything else. This way of thinking ultimately leads to a homeostatic imbalance, jeopardizing our planet’s delicate ecosystem, which will eventually lead to our undoing. An imbalance in nature causes an imbalance in us as well. Western civilizations need to curb their ravenous appetites and find a balance with nature. The Chinese have much to teach us. Chinese Taoism, if practiced, would benefit not only Americans in general, but all of mankind as well. By following the Tao Te Ching (c. 500 BCE), we may some day be at peace with our Earth and ourselves. Taoism is the Chinese philosophy that emphasizes a balance with nature, which is
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Taoism The Eastern Balance - Mujica 1 Taoism The Eastern...

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