520-Smanual - 01/21/02 ALA 1 COMMANDO MODEL 520-S REMOTE...

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Unformatted text preview: 01/21/02 ALA 1 COMMANDO MODEL 520-S REMOTE CONTROL AUTO ALARM SYSTEM INSTALLATION & OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS WIRING DIAGRAM H1 : Main 5 Pin White harness H3 : 6 Pin White Mini Connector Black Antenna Wire LED Indicator Valet Switch H7/3 Blue Wire: (-) 200mA Unlock Pulse H7/1 Green Wire: (-) 200mA lock Pulse H7 3 Pin White H2 4 Pin Orange H5 2 Pin Blue H6 2 Pin White H4 Black Wire Dual Zone Shock Sensor H1 5 Pin White H3 6 Pin White H1: MAIN 5 PIN WIRE HARNESS: 5. Red Wire: +12V To Constant Battery Sourc 4. Brown Wire: Positive output To 3. Black Wire: Ground to Vehicle FRAME 2. White Wire: Parking Light Relay Output 15A Fuse 1. Red / White Wire: Parking Light Relay input Siren Or Horn (Programmable) H3: 6 PIN MINI CONNECTOR WIRE HARNESS: 6. Gray Wire: (-) 200mA Programmable Output 2. Blue Wire: Zone 2 / Instant Trigger Ground Input 1. Violet Wire: Zone 3 / Positive Door Pin Switch Input 4. Yellow Wire: Zone 5 / To Ignition Switched + 12V 5. Orange Wire: 200mA Grounded when armed 3. Green Wire: Zone 3 / Negative Door Pin Switch Input Channel 2 / 2 Steps Door Unlock / Pager Output. 12V 12V 85 86 30 87a 87 Cut To start solenoid From ignition switch Red wire White wire Orange wire 01/21/02 ALA520 2 WIRING Keep wiring away from moving engine parts, exhaust pipes and high-tension cable. Tape wires that pass through holes on the firewall to prevent fraying. Watches out sharp edges that may damage wires and causes short circuit. CAUTION: Do not connect the wire harness to the control module until all wiring to vehicle is complete. H1: MAIN 5 PIN WIRE HARNESS: H1/1. RED / WHITE WIRE PARKING LIGHT RELAY INPUT -- The RED/WHITE wire is the input to the flash parking light relay. The connection of the RED/WHITE wire will determine the output polarity of the flashing parking light relay. If the vehicle you are working on has +12volt switched parking lights, you dont need connect this wire. This wire already connected to +12volt. If the vehicles parking light are ground switched, cut the RED/WHITE wire, connect the RED/WHITE to chassis ground. H1/2. WHITE WIRE -- PARKING LIGHT RELAY OUTPUT (+12 V 10A OUTPUT) -- Connect the WHITE wire to the parking light wire coming from the headlight switch. Do not connect the white wire to the dashboard lighting dimmer switch. (Damage to the dimmer will result). The limitation of the white wire is 10 AMP max. Do not exceed this limit or damage to the alarm and parking relay will result. H1/3. BLACK WIRE -- SYSTEM GROUND This is main ground connection of the alarm module. Make this connection to a solid section of the vehicle frame. Do not connect this wire to any existing ground wires supplied by the factory wire loom, make the connection to the vehicle's frame directly....
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520-Smanual - 01/21/02 ALA 1 COMMANDO MODEL 520-S REMOTE...

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