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Drama Notes 3-21-07 Brecht’s Reminder to Artists about the Spectator in Epic Theatre: “He is sitting not only in your theatre but also in the World.” Dramaturgy 1. discontinuity/ episodes 2. dialectics in character 3. stylized language 4. scene titles 5. songs “The war is over, beware of the peace!” The People’s Court: Brecht’s Dramaturgy “one thing after another” with social lessons
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Unformatted text preview: Only what’s necessary to present events Dialectics: contradictions and inconsistencies in characters V-effects: prologues, titles, quotations, songs Demystification: mutually alienating elements Focus: theatre as a force in social change Review Plays Woyzeck The Poor of New York Ghosts Machinal The Caucasion Chalk Circle...
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