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EL 5473 Introduction to VLSI Design Final Project Requirements and Milestones For your final group project you are to implement a design of your choice in either the TSMC 0.25um, TSMC 0.18um or AMI 0.5um technology (probably best to start with what you used for the lab assignments). One goal of this work, besides designing a functional circuit, is to use delay estimation techniques such as logical effort to minimize the delay of the overall system. Thus, you are required to show in your report the critical path, delay of that path and your approach to maximize the performance of your design. Deliverables for this project include schematics, simulations, and layouts for each functional block in the design and the complete core design itself. The padframe is not required for this project. Proposal : Due November 13 Be creative! As a group, you are to come with a design of your choice to implement for your final project. You can implement anything from the list provided on My Poly or you
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