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Polytechnic Institute of NYU March 3, 2011 Computer Science and Engineering Department CS 308, Spring 2011 Prof. Phyllis Frankl HOMEWORK #3 Due: noon, Friday March 11. The purpose of this homework assignment is to help you learn programming skills that you’ll need in order to do the project. You don’t need to hand anything in but you should seek help if you’re having trouble. I’ll post a solution (in PHP) shortly after the deadline. Initialize a database with the customer , menu , orders sample DDL and sample data that are attached. Write a web application with the following pages: 1. a page that presents the user with a drop down menu (or checklist or radio buttons) showing all the food names from the menu table, and a text box a submit button It allows the user to choose a single food name and a quantity. This data is then transmitted to the other page (using either GET or POST). 2. A page that gets the selected
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Unformatted text preview: food name and quantity as parameters and inserts a tuple into the orders table, representing an order by the customer whose cust num is 15. This page should check that the quantity is between 1 and 10. After inserting the new order, this page should send the entire contents of the order table back to the browser, formatted into a reasonable looking table. If the input is invalid or if the attempt to insert it fails, the page thats returned should indicate that the order failed. 3. Optionally, you can have the rst page store a customer number in a session variable and the second page read it, in order to get practice using sessions. NOTE: PHP, Java, or C# are preferred. If you use PHP you may modify the scripts that I posted. If you really want to use another language check with me and plan to provide lots of comments....
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