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hw3 - capacity of the TDM channel 3 A synchronous TDM...

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EE136/EL5363, Spring 2011, Homework #3 Due Tuesday, February 22, 2011 1. Assuming a voice call requires a bandwidth of 4 kHz. If we use FDM technology, how much bandwidth is needed for a communication channel to carry 25 simultaneous voice calls? 2. Given that the highest frequency of a voice signal is 4 kHz, if we want to sample voice signal accurately, what is the minimum sampling rate (samples/sec)? If each sample is encoded with 8 bits, what is the data rate for a sampled voice call? If a TDM channel is used to carry 30 sampled voice calls, what is the data rate
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Unformatted text preview: capacity of the TDM channel? 3. A synchronous TDM channel’s total capacity is 10 Mbps. Within each TDM frame, suppose we need one slot for framing. What is the minimum fame length so that the data rate available for all users sharing this channel is 9 Mbps? Plot the structure of a frame (similar to that on slide 18 of this week) such that three users, A, B, C can have equal share of this TDM channel. 4. 9.2 from the textbook 5. 9.7 from the textbook...
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