hw5 - EE136/EL5363,Spring2011 Homework#5 DueMarch8th,2011...

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EE136/EL5363, Spring 2011 Homework #5 Due March 8 th , 2011 1: Does a bridge need a MAC address? Does a bridge need to conduct flow  control and error control? Briefly explain why or why not.   2: For the switched Ethernet on slide 44, suppose the switch table was initially  empty, please describe the content of the switch table and the switch forward  operation for the following three consecutive frames I. From C to B’ II. From A to C’ III. From B to C
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This note was uploaded on 09/10/2011 for the course EE 135 taught by Professor Dong during the Spring '11 term at NYU Poly.

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hw5 - EE136/EL5363,Spring2011 Homework#5 DueMarch8th,2011...

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