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Homework Assignment #8 Due 04/19/2011 1: 20.10 2: 20.22 3: 20.26 4: 20.27 5: At time zero, a TCP sender begins to send out a total of four segments to a receiver, one segment every 5 ms, and each segment contains 100 bytes of data, and the initial sequence number on the sender is 50. Suppose the receiver sends back one acknowledgement for each received segment. Assume segment 3 is lost and the acknowledgement for segment 2 is lost, the one-way delay between the sender and receiver is 50 ms, and the time-out value is 200ms, you can ignore the processing delay
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Unformatted text preview: on the receiver side. Plot the packet exchanges between the sender and receiver over time (similar to the figures in the lecture notes, and mark the time stamps). 6: Suppose a TCP connection’s congestion window size increases to 64, then a Time-out packet loss is detected. Assume there is no packet loss afterward, if the round trip time (RTT) is 80 ms, how long does it take for the congestion window size goes back to 64? Repeat the question if the packet loss is detected through triple duplicated ACKs....
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