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Homework Assignment #9 Due 04/26/2011 1: 22.1 2: Suppose Alice with a Web-based e-mail account (such as Gmail or Hotmail) sends a message to Bob, who accesses his mail from his mail server using POP3. Discuss how the message gets from Alice's host to Bob's host. Be sure to list the series of application- layer protocols that are used to move the message between the two hosts. 3: 23.14 4: Suppose within your web browser you click on a link to obtain a web page. Suppose that web page associated with the link contains a small amount of HTML text and four
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Unformatted text preview: small objects. Let RTT0 denote the RTT between the local host and the web server. Assuming zero transmission time of the objects, how much time elapses from when the client clicks on the link until the client receives the complete webpage in three different settings: (a) nonpersistent HTTP 1.0, (b) persistent HTTP 1.1. 5: Briefly describe why Peer-to-Peer application architecture is more scalable than client-server based architecture....
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