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EL5363 Midterm Exam – 2010 Fall Name: ID: Important Notes (Must Read): You must write your name & ID on this sheet and return it together with the blue book You must write your answers of Q1-Q10 in the table on this sheet. No explanation is required for Q1- Q10. For Q11-16, answers without explanation do not earn points . 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 D B B D B B B D B B Q1-Q10: 4 points/each, there is only one best choice for each question. 1. What determines the establish delay of circuit switching? A. data volume B. propagation delay C. processing delay D. both B and C. E. None of the above 2. In datagram packet switching, the sequence of packet delivery is always guaranteed. A. True B. False 3. As a data packet (PDU) moves from a lower layer of a TCP/IP protocol architecture to the upper layers in a destination host, headers are. A. Added B. Removed C. Rearranged D. Modified 4. Which of the following only describes Differential Manchester code? A. The code uses more than two signal levels. B. The encoding of 1 is represented by a transition at the beginning of a bit period. C. There is a transition at the middle of each bit period. D. The midbit transition is used only to provide clocking. E. None of the above 5. The capacity of a channel does not depend on the noise level. A. True B. False 6. Flow control is one of the physical layer functions. A.
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midterm_2010f_solutions - EL5363 Midterm Exam 2010 Fall...

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