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Heather Hopkins Kin 3502 Section 5 Physical Activity Lab Part 1: Lab Activity A) I have concluded that the pedometers are pretty accurate, but not exact when doing these activities. After completing the walking and jogging activities with set distances and then reading the pedometer, the readings were close, but not right on point. The walking test was 100 set steps and the pedometer reading of 104, which is a 4 step difference. During longer walking test, I counted 190 steps with my pedometer reading 200 and the jogging with 120 steps and pedometer reading of 128. The reason for the differences could be the way I walk, an inaccurate count, or something interfering with the pedometer. The pedometer is a good instrument to use, but may not be as accurate as another instrument could be. B) My concern for how the pedometers measure running and walking is that they will show the same amount of steps. My data shows that there is a difference in running and walking the same distance. When walking from the Huey P. Long Fieldhouse to Peabody I got 190 steps. When jogging the same distance, I recorded only 120 steps. That data gives the evidence that you take fewer steps when jogging because you are taking a longer stride. When walking you do not take as long of a stride. C) Pedometers do not measure the intensity of physical activity very well because all they count is the amount of steps you take. But you can get interpret that someone who has a large amount of steps was doing an activity that requires a lot of energy and time rather than someone who only has a few steps. The pedometer would not be a very appropriate tool to measure intensity. Part 2: Visit
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Physical Activity lab paper - Heather Hopkins Kin 3502...

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