Class_Legacy (Prophecy ni Lily)

Class_Legacy (Prophecy ni Lily) - Class Prophecy How time...

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Class Prophecy How time flies! I could hardly imagine myself as a student long ago in ULS. I remember dreaming of graduating in this school. And for how many years of scribbling my pens, I’ve finally reached my goals. And now, I’m back at Kabacan for my vacation. It’s been a long time since I left this place after migrating to Canada where I work as a CNN reporter. I’ve really missed this place – all the people, my friends, former classmates and schoolmates and also the food. Well, Kabacan had changed a lot. While I’m here at Kabacan, I’ve heard many things about the famous graduates of batch 2006-2007. Their life was indeed a colorful one. After 10 years, Rodin Waguia, Ken Renard Galangan and Allen Fred Camat already own a series of comedy bars and night clubs in New York. Duchess Garcia and Carl Louie Sanchez are now the endorsers of the famous clothing line – BENCH, along with the celebrity couple Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres. Former students will be very proud to hear that Clarence Dave Galas holds the title in the Guinness World Book of Records as the tallest man alive. And who’d ever believe that the genius Ian Kesniel Esberto is now considered as the hottest and sexiest man in Hollywood? Along with this line of gorgeous men lies John Paul Labio who dyed his hair white and became Mr. Universe two months ago. In the field of cosmetics, we have the certified hippie; Joren Collado who became a prosperous Avon seller. Rhegy Lucena just finished the wardrobe of the famous couple, Jeffrey Chuy and Jira Faith Solomon who starred in the famous movie, “Spaghetti and Meatballs” directed by Harold Arthur Abellera , who is now a certified family man. Edward Cruz was the camera man of the said movie. John Andrevone Africa who is the scriptwriter is now considered the Edgar Allan Poe of the Philippines. Well, the show made its way to the box office which made Xerex Quilban happy being the producer of the movie, owning DOTA Productions. Former ULS students Sheena Mae Lacsi, Sarah Jean Paraan, Cyrelle Besana, Joy Orena and Yorincita Marfori made their way to Philippine show business. Sky Rey Taganos , a USM graduate with a Bachelor degree of Development Communication, major in broadcasting is now a famous radio announcer who is regularly heard over DZMM. Yashen Accad, Glenna Joy Fronda, Chessylae Atillo and Jasmin Dinopol are now renowned scientists after their discovery of a certain element. I’ve also heard that Mark Samuel Gadia
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Class_Legacy (Prophecy ni Lily) - Class Prophecy How time...

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