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Christian King Biol 1108 Stanger-Hall Following the strategies I set forward after the first exam, I improved my test score by ten points. I had a course packet for this exam and it made a world of difference, so ill continue to take notes in it and study it and the practice tests within. I also studied the PowerPoint slides more for this exam, but still waited until the last day to look them over. For the next exam, I’ll try to print out the slides so that I can have them during
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Unformatted text preview: class. Also, having them on hand may encourage me to look at them more often. I still have not joined a study group, so I will definitely pursue joining or forming one. For this test, I did not read the textbook very thoroughly. While I did better on this test than the last, I probably could of done even better if I had read more, so I will try to read before each class so the information isn’t new each day....
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