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Bair Interview 1. Introduce yourself 2. What does the center for virtual care do? 3. Is it working out well so far? 4. How do the maniquins simulate real life? 5. Could you tell us a little about your research? 6. How well do the virtual xbox games work? 7. How well do you think the ultrasound work? 8. How well are ultrasounds evolving to keep up with the procedures? 9. Have you ever had to improvise? 10. Does that happen frequently, that people want to patent things?
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Unformatted text preview: 11. What are a few of the medical devices that you use daily? 12. What are some challenges in the equipment? 13. Does most of the equipment that was brought into the ER adapt well to all different sizes of the equipment? 14. How do you adapt for young children? 15. Are there any financial constraints? 16. Is it common? 17....
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