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Leonid Krainov Interview Questions: 1. Please tell us about yourself- what is your position in the medical center? What department do you work for? 2. How does radiology play its part in the patient care process? 3. Could you please describe some of the equipment used? and the purpose of each item? 4. What are some of the differences between different radiological equipment? For each piece: a. What works well b. What prevents difficulties 5. When would you use one method of imaging over another? 6. What do the patients undergo from waiting room to test position? 7. What sort of accommodations must be made for patients with:
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Unformatted text preview: a. Disabilities (Wheelchair Transfer) b. Unstable respiration c. Metal implants d. Claustrophobia e. Who are pregnant/ young children f. What are some other conditions that require adaptation 8. How often do things get “missed” or don’t show up on the various types of scans? a. What are some factors that increase these probabilities 9. Which imaging equipment offers space/ mobility constraints? 10. What are some financial constraints? 11. Could you please tell us problems that you face while transporting patients 12. Have you ever had to improvise...
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