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Doug Olson Interview Questions 1. Please tell us about yourself- What is your history in biomedical engineering? 2. What are some challenges that arise from working in your department? 3. What sorts of equipment does your company specialize in? a. What overall role does this piece of equipment provide in improving patient care? b. What are some areas that could use improvement? Any common requests/ complaints? c. Does this device adapt adequately to larger/ smaller patients? 4. What compensations must your product make to the noninvasive measurements? 5. How is NICOM technology different from previous methods? 6. What was the reason for developing the NICOM Cheetah? benefits?
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Is it commonly implemented in hospitals nationwide? 8. What are some barriers to the engineering process (financial, materials, etc.)? 9. Could you walk us through the process for a new device to grow from an idea to production? a. What organizations must certify the safety of the device? 10. What are some ways that clinical engineering differs from other branches of engineering? 11. What advice would you give to seniors looking to design and produce clinical devices? 12. How does bioreactance technology work? 13. Have you ever had to improvise to make your job easier?...
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