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Dr. Pierce Interview Questions: 1. Please tell us about yourself- what is your position in the medical center? What department do you work for? 2. What are some challenges that arise from working in your department? 3. What are some of the common procedures that you perform? 4. Who might be a good candidate to undergo this procedure? 5. Could you walk us through how that [procedure] works? 6. What is some of the equipment used in this process? a. What about this equipment do you like/ what works well? b. What about the procedure/ equipment presents difficulties? c. Are there any alternate methods of doing this? d. Are there any financial constraints?
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Unformatted text preview: e. What is disposable and what can safely by reused? 7. Have there been any times where there has not been an instrument available, but where you had to improvise and create your own tool? 8. When would you use one method over another? 9. What sort of preparation is required by this procedure? 10. How many people must be present to perform this procedure? What are their roles? 11. How common is this procedure? 12. How long does it take to perform this procedure? 13. What are some of the effects for the patient during/after the procedure? 14. Were they able to return to their daily lives afterward?...
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