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Interview Questions_Dr. Badawi - medicine(both patients and...

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1. Please tell us about yourself- what is your position in the medical center? On campus? What department do you work for? 2. Can you tell us a little bit about your research? 1. What are their potential medical applications? 3. Could you please describe your development process (from need to general implementation)? 4. What are some challenges that arise from each of these projects (imaging and resolution)? 5. Could you walk us through how the equipment currently works? 1. What works well? 2. What are some shortfalls 3. How common are these problems? 6. How do you see would your developments affecting or improving clinical
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Unformatted text preview: medicine (both patients and hospital staff)? 7. What “trade-offs” does the equipment present (ex. Safer but poor resolution, more effective but more expensive, etc.)? 8. When would you use one method or piece of equipment over another? 9. What are some financial constraints? 10. What kinds of improvements or other medical technologies would you like to see in the hospital and why is it necessary? 11. What advice would you give to seniors about to design their own technology? What are some common design or development pitfalls?...
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