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Keven Murphy Interview Questions: 1. Please tell us about yourself- what is your position in the medical center? What department do you work for? 2. What sort of patients are in your care/ department? 3. What are some of the chief responsibilities of this position? 4. What are some challenges that arise from working in this department? 5. What are some of the procedures that are performed the most frequently in this department? i. What works well in these procedures? ii. What can be improved in these procedures? 6. What sort of equipment do you use most frequently?
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Unformatted text preview: i. What about this equipment do you like/ what works well? ii. What about the procedure/ equipment presents difficulties? 7. Are there any alternate methods of doing this? When would you use one method over another? 8. What are some of the effects of [long-term] patient hospitalization/ demobilization that you have observed? . How can these issues be prevented/addressed? a. What are some alternative methods? b. Why/when would you choose one approach over another? 9. Are space constraints an issue?...
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