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Leon Interview 1. Could you start by introducing yourself? 2. So not every room is digital? 3. Could you tell us how radiology is involved in the patient care process? 4. Could you describe some of the equipment you use and the purpose? 5. What are benefits of digital casettes? 6. Could you tell us some of the differences between the equipment? 7. Is it difficult to put something under a patient to get an image? 8. When would you use digital vs cassette? 9. What do the patients undergo from the waiting room to the exam table 10. How difficult is it to lift a patient from chair to table? 11. What kind of accomodations must be made for patients with disabilities? 12. What about patients without stable aspiration? 13. What accomodations for people with metal implants and claustrophic
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Unformatted text preview: patients? 14. How do you accommodate for pregnant women? 15. Any other things that would need special accomodations? 16. How often do things get mixed or don’t show up on scans? 17. Normally if some physician thought something wrong, you could retake the scan? 18. What are some factors that may increase having to retake an x-ray a. Mistake or having to retake 19. Are there any constraints in the mobility of space of equipment or more patient mobility? 20. Can you tell us about some problems when transferring patients? 21. How long do you think that would normally take? 22. Have you ever had to improvise? 23. How many people are needed to do this?...
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