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Naomi Questions 1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself? 2. What is your position at the medical center? 3. Are you planning on going into internal medicine? 4. What are some of the responsibilities you have as an intern? 5. What are some of the challenges that arise besides some of the organizational skills? 6. What are some of the procedures you perform most frequently? 7. Could you describe some of the procedures and the instruments used? 8. What would you say works well? Is there room for improvement? 9. How do you deal with patients that can’t really deal with pain? 10. How do you deal with obese patients? 11. Mentioning ultrasound issue and can’t find area, how’d you
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Unformatted text preview: deal with that? 12. There’s nothing that’s really wrong with the technique, just having better gadgets? 13. Is there anything else you use frequently? 14. How do you ask them about pain? 15. Are there any alternate methods of doing a central line, etc. ? 16. What are some long term effects of patients in beds? 17. How do you decrease hospital stay? 18. Have you also noticed anything about hospital beds, skin issues? 19. Have you noticed anything majorly wrong with the beds? 20. Has there been any instances where you had to improvise? 21. Are there any complaints about the hospital that we can fix?...
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