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Pierce interview questions 1. Who are you what position do you work for? 2. Can you tell us about yourself and what department? 3. What does that job entail? 4. What are some challenges in surgery? 5. What are some of the common procedures you perform? 6. Could you explain one of the surgeries you do? 7. How successful are the procedures? 8. What are the difficulties/constraints? 9. Do you think there might be a way to cut down time with training? 10. What is some of the equipment you use? 11. Since you were having issues putting it in, does that happen often? 12. Is there a specific time when you will use a suture instead of a stapler? 13. What are some of the financial constraints?
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Unformatted text preview: 14. Are most of these disposable or reusable? 15. How much is one of these pieces? 16. Does the suturing device work well and what can be improved? 17. Have there been any times when there hasn’t been an instrument and you had to improvise? 18. Have you ever used an equipment that wasn’t meant for the same purpose? 19. Are there benefits of minimally invasive surgeries versus more invasive? 20. How many people must be present for the procedure? 21. What are some of the effects for the patient before and after the procedure? 22. What kind of improvements or other medical devices would you like to see in the hospital?...
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