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Produced by the Society of Critical Care Medicine 2006 Care Statistics in the United States Critical The Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) represents more than 13,000 highly trained professionals in more than 80 countries who provide care in spe- cialized units and work toward the best outcome possible for all critically ill and injured patients. The Society maintains that the Right Care, Right Now™ is best provided by an integrated team of dedicated experts directed by a trained and present physician credentialed in critical care medicine (an intensivist), also referred to as the multiprofessional team model. Delivering care by a multipro- fessional team optimizes care for patients, improves conditions for healthcare providers, and boosts the financial performance of the hospital. This guide lists United States statistics for many of the current issues in critical care. It is intended to be used as a reference when conducting efforts such as advocacy, public relations and general education. Copies of these studies or further information on any of these subjects can be obtained by contacting the SCCM department of marketing at +1 847 827-6869. Topics Acuity Cost Savings Critical Care Patients ICU Facilities Length of Stay Shortage Staffing/Salary ACUITY More than 160,000 lives could be saved annually if care were delivered by an intensivist-directed multiprofessional team. Studies have shown mortality rates of 6.04% in intensive care units (ICUs) with intensivist staffing compared with 14.4% when an attending physician provides care. Mortality rates in patients admitted to the ICU average 10% to 20% in most hospitals. Sources: Birkmeyer, J.D., Birkmeyer, C.M., Wennberg, D.E., Young, M.P. Leapfrog Safety Standards: Potential Benefits of Universal Adoption . The Leapfrog Group. Washington, DC, 2000. Joint Commission Resources. Improving Care in the ICU , 1st Edition. Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois: Joint Commission Resources, 2004. Pronovost, Peter J., Needham, Dale M., Waters, Hugh, Birkmeyer, Christian M., Calinawan, Jonah R., Birkmeyer, John D., Dorman, Todd. “Intensive Care Unit Physician Staffing: Financial Modeling of the Leapfrog Standard.” Critical Care Medicine 32, no. 6 (2004):1247-1253.
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