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AMSA Post Job-Shadow Evaluation Form Please complete this survey after completing your job shadow experience. This survey gives you an opportunity to reflect on what you observed and how it might affect your plans for the future. We are interested in gathering constructive feedback to help improve future job shadowing experiences for other students. Thank you for your time and participation. Name: __________________________ Employee Name: ___________________ Workplace Visited: ________________ Date visited: _________ # hours: ______ 1.
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Unformatted text preview: Did you enjoy your job shadow experience? __Yes __No 2. Would you recommend this experience to your friends? __Yes __No 3. What was the title and responsibilities of your workplace host? 4. Would you consider a career in this field? Why or why not? 5. Which parts of the job were of interest to you? 6. Which parts of the job were not of particular interest to you? 7. What surprised you the most about what you learned, heard or observed today? 8. What knowledge or skills do you need to strengthen to be successful on the job?...
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