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Office phone: EMG 408-883-3929 <- Emergency Contact Put race in notes as well as missed appointments Consent form scanned to record Change time slot to 1 hour Visit Note: Chief complaint Entering Vitals: Schedule, patient, note Vitals IN S: Templates: *Vitals are the vitals template. GLC?? LAST MEAL?? WAIST CIRCUMERFERNCE?? LAB Results: In documents, Upload new document, We can sign photo id, patient info, etc. But you can’t sign the labs, etc.
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Unformatted text preview: New prescriptions: Charts, Summary, Rx List, New Allergies: Charts, Summary, PMH, Allergies or Charts, Summary, Allergies Wifi Name: 2WIRE202 Wifi Password: Wifi Printer Name: Dell3110CN Things Needed to be signed: Prescription, photo ID, lab results Put language they speak in NOTES...
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