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Book logs 2011spring

Book logs 2011spring - READING LOGS Objective/Criteria APA...

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READING LOGS Name Objective/Criteria Needs Improvement Not Quite Almost Outstanding APA Citations Key elements of APA not followed for citing Several entries missing key elements of APA style citations Some entries missing key elements and/or a few errors throughout All elements of APA followed for all entries; only 1 or 2 minor errors (i.e. a few typos) 0 5 7 10 Sources Missing Sources not listed on several entries, more than 2 from personal collection Sources not listed on a few entries, no more than 2 from personal collection All sources listed, no more than 2 from personal collection 0 3 4 5 Age Recommendation Missing Some entries missing age recommendations and/or age recommendations not appropriate for selected books All entries have age recommendations; several errors in age recommendations All entries have age recommendations; Only 1 or 2 minor errors 0 5 7 10 Book Reviews Further points deducted if missing additional elements from the “not quite” category – for example if missing additional book entries Summaries of storylines are hard to follow; missing specific examples from the book to support main points for many of the entries; and/or missing some entries Summarizes storylines overall, Missing areas where additional information could be added; Could give a few more specific example to support main points Concisely summarizes storyline; Gives critical review using specific examples from both text and illustrations to support main points 20 30 35 40 Following Directions and Professional Quality Late paper and/or any elements from “not quite” Several spelling/grammar errors, didn’t follow some instructions (i.e. rubric, staple); inconsistencies in writing style Turned in on time, minimal spelling/grammar errors, (-2 if no rubric) Turned in on time, only 1 or 2 minor errors, clear writing style 4 6 8 10 TOTAL Out of 75 **ATTACH AS BACK PAGE OF YOUR ASSIGNMENT FOR CONFIDENTIALITY WHEN ASSIGNMENTS ARE RETURNED.
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HDFS 240 Reading Logs Popillion, Spring 2011 Name ***Please use a minimum of 10-point font for this assignment. Do NOT use smaller!!!! Picture Books: (Choose books appropriate for children between the ages of 5-12 . Indicate an age range. Books that are appropriate for 10 year-olds may not be appropriate for 5-year olds. Therefore you may have books for 4-8 yr olds; 9-12 yr olds, etc) Information/Non-fiction Barber, N. (2009) First Day of School. Ney York: The Rosen Publishing Group Inc. This book was found in the Ames Public Library. The recommended age range for this book is for children ages 4- 6 because they are entering school at this age. This book prepares children for their first day of school by telling them what to expect at places like the lunch room and art room. This book does a really nice job of preparing children for difficult things that they might face, like being sad when they leave their mom and dad.
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