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english portfolio

english portfolio - Introductory Reflection Dear Professor...

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Introductory Reflection Dear Professor, I have learned so much this year in your class; I have become a better writer and speaker because of the things I’ve learned this semester. I have become more sophisticated in many areas of my writings whether I’m writing a paper for a class or writing my aunt an email, I’m more aware of the context in my writings and the organization of paragraphs and sentences, with this it has made it easier for me to be more direct with my writings and get my point across in a more suitable way. The last assignment we did (tracking changes) showed me ways of making paragraphs and sentences not so wordy, at the beginning of the year I had trouble with this mostly because I struggled writing out on paper what I had to say about my topic. In turn, my too many words problem made me sound illogical or brainless. With all the learning I’ve done in this class, it has made me a more confident writer. I used to hate writing, mostly because I wasn’t good at it, it was embarrassing for me to hand in my papers because I felt like every piece that I did was going to be a failure. When beginning to write a piece, picking the initial ideas is important and sometimes difficult. The process I use to pick out my main points is pretty simple; I pick the things that relate to my audience the most. Something else I’ve learned in English 250 is to relate to the audience at all times, so even though I think something is interesting I need to take into consideration whether or not my audience will find it interesting. In a brief conclusion if you pick topics that will relate to your audience, you are more than likely going to keep them interested in your piece of work than you would if it had nothing to do with them.
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When working on my papers I write them many times, I try to go through it and make as many revisions as I can, correcting words, word order, structure, paragraph order and sentence order. This has always been my method used for writing and every time I go through a piece of work I feel like it gets better. I usually write my first draft instead of typing it, I feel like it gives me time to think while I write where with typing I can do it so fast I have to stop to think and it usually ruins my train of thought. During class I really enjoyed getting feedback from my classmates about my papers because it helped me see what I could do better, what questions I left unanswered, and what changes needed to be made. Several times I went home and asked my mother to go over my papers and to suggest changes, a big thing about peer/mother review is to be open to constructive criticism, all of this criticism helped me with my writings and become a better writer. Through this class I also reviewed my peers papers, this helped me with my editing process by showing me what to look for and what questions to ask not only my peers when I review their papers but myself when I’m revising my own paper. I always struggled with word
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english portfolio - Introductory Reflection Dear Professor...

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