Film Production Notes for On-Set

Film Production Notes for On-Set - Film Production...

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Unformatted text preview: Film Production Management Professor Lisa Cook FILM PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT: (7/29/2010) THREE THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND ON A SET 1. Importance of Communication-Is information being Fltered to the proper rank?-Do you need information? Ask the production manager. 2. Details-Use full names for everything.-Treat instances like police reports -- this is how efFcient to detail you should be. 3. Accountability-Own up if you screwed something up. Don ’ t cover for someone if it wasn ’ t your fault in any way . COMPANY MOVES / END OF DAY / WRAPPING THE SHOW-Always note company moves on the schedule and the call sheet.-Clearly indicate on the call sheet that there are 2 locations for that day; include maps and directions to both locations.-Load equipment into production trucks, bearing in mind what will have to be unloaded Frst.-If possible, send a PA ahead to post parking and bathroom signs, to familiarize himself with the space, and to determine where to unload equipment, set up tables and chairs, etc.- If possible, have craft service persons leave a small cooler at the old location with drinks and snacks. Send him to set up at the new locale before the rest of the company arrives.-1st AD and Location Manager should be sent to the new location.-Make sure location is left in proper order. (Refer to the End of Day Checklist as well as the Filmmaker ’ s Code of Conduct)....
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Film Production Notes for On-Set - Film Production...

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