Film Crew Positions and Duties

Film Crew Positions and Duties - Film Production Management...

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Unformatted text preview: Film Production Management (summer 2010) Professor Lisa Cook FILM PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT notes > Film Crew Positions and Duties < “Station 12”-Failure to do any of the requirements set by this actor ’ s union can cause the production company to be ¡ned $500.00 per actor that isn ’ t paid up or waived.-Ensure that wardrobe ¡ttings and makeup tests are scheduled.- Secure rehearsal space, schedule rehearsal time with the actors and director.-Arrange for background actors; how many will be needed and when.-Make travel arrangements for out-of-town actors and, if necessary, determine how they ’ ll be transported to and from the set. “Atmosphere”-Find an extras casting agency that has a database of people.-Vouchers are managed by the 2nd A.D. “3 Types of Releases” 1. Atmosphere release (single person) 2. Group release (multiple people on one list) 3. Crowd Notice Release (for ¡lming in a large stadium, city, etc. Place signs that say “Be advised that by entering this area, you give consent to have your image used.”-Ascertain the special meal needs or dietary requirements of any actors.-Prepare SAG paperwork “Setting The Crew”-Set a production manager or production coordinator.-Set an of¡ce production assistant.-Set a director of photography (<HEAD OF THE CREW) and members of the camera departments.-Set members of the locations department.-Set an assistant director and other members of AD department. “Production Team: aka Production Department”-Producer, director, production manager, 1st and 2nd AD, Script Supervisor, pro- duction coordinator, production secretary, and production assistants. “Director”-Pick up a camera, shoot something. You ’ re now a director once you put your name in the credits as such. “Production Manager”-Works with schedules, budgets.-Must be hard-working, have superb planning skills.-Dynamic and highly self-motivated individuals should apply.-Must be able to negotiate deals, manage all day-to-day decisions.-PM handles budgeting and managing ¡nancial issues of ¡lming.-This includes paying outside vendors, contractors, invoices in timely fashion.-PM works on both set and within business of¡ce during actual ¡lming, assisting with editing and revisions as required.-PM sees to it that all supplies/equipment will be on site, assembled and ready to use when required both in the studio and in remote locations....
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Film Crew Positions and Duties - Film Production Management...

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