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Unformatted text preview: American Film Artist: Francis Ford Coppola (taught by Professor Barry Sandler, UCF) -- Fall 2010 Francis Ford Coppola - Director, producer, and a very highly revered American filmmaker. - Dubbed the “patron saint of film school generations.” - Strives to always be in full control of his films. - His two favorite productions were The Conversation and Rumblefish. - So far, he has won five Academy Awards and two Golden Globes. What Makes Coppola So Great? - Master storyteller and screenwriter. - Utilizes color, tone, and the design of an overall film to his advantage. - Works to create incredible and believable dialogue that’s perfect for each particular world he makes. - His approach to actors is very commanding, yet personal. He even makes them practice extra scenes together in order to feel more comfortable in their roles. What Are Some of Coppola’s Themes? - Bond of family (loyalty, jealousy, rivalry, etc.) - Alienation (loneliness, the price of power, seclusion) - The elusiveness of love - The dark side of the human condition (i.e. people on the fringes of society) - Balance between reality and illusion - People not being what they seem - Human realism and emotional resonance (present in EVERY Coppola film) Coppola’s Background - Born in Detroit in 1939. - At age nine, he contracted polio and had to stay in bed for one year. - Enjoyed reading and making up lots of stories. - Played with his family’s 8mm home camera. - Was sent to military school (but he hated it). - Became fascinated with gadgets, puppets, and imagination. - Eisenstein became his favorite filmmaker during his college years. - In theater, he acted and directed in multiple plays. - Went to UCLA’s film school. - Became a fan of Roger Corman, the B-movie filmmaker. - Was hired as a screenwriter for Ray Stark, a major producer at the time. - Did his own adaptation of The Great Gatsby. ...
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