General Psychology -- Chapter 16 notes

General Psychology -- Chapter 16 notes - General...

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Unformatted text preview: General Psychology (Honors) Professor Azimi CHAPTER 16 NOTES: TREATMENT OF PSYCH. DISORDERS 1. HISTORICAL BACKGROUND Treatment of psych disorders leads to cave dwellers. Skulls recovered from places show carefully designed chips in the form of squares. The process was called trephining and was probably performed to let out evil spirits in the brain. THE ANCIENT GREEKS The Greeks had a naturalistic view of the world and universe. Worshiped human-looking gods placed on mountain tops. Also had naturalistic view of mental ill- ness. Hippocrates (440 BC) Known as father of medicine proposed speciFc treatments for mental disorder which are similar to those proposed today. He recommended use of pleasant surround- ings, exercise, good diet, and soothing bath and reduction of stress. This method is currently used in well-known clinics for treatment of mentally ill. The Middle Ages In the Middle Ages, the mentally ill were thought to be possessed by evil spirits. Cruel, barbaric, and inhuman methods were used to deal with such unfortunate per- sons. They were ¡ogged and starved in order to make the evil spirits leave their bodies. Exorcism was widely practiced. The change in treatment of the mentally ill began with the work of ¢rench psy- chiatrist Pinel in 18th century. He removed the chains that restrained mentally iill people and released them from dungeons called asylums....
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General Psychology -- Chapter 16 notes - General...

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