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B-227 Lab 3 student - Lab 3 Finish Exercise 4 Exercises 5A...

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Lab 3 Finish Exercise 4 Exercise 4 The Cell: Anatomy and Division pp. 39-48 A. Anatomy of the Composite Cell 1. Nucleus 2. Plasma Membrane 3. Cytoplasm and Organelles Identify all organelles on the cell model. Figure 4.3 B. Differences and Similarities in Cell Structure 1. Simple squamous epithelium 2. Sperm cells 3. Human RBCs 4. Teased smooth muscle cells C. Cell Division : Mitosis and Cytokinesis 1. Mitosis 2n two 2n cells n two n cells a. Prophase b. Metaphase c. Anaphase d. Telophase 2. Meiosis a. Homologous Chromosomes = a pair of chromosomes that are identical in gene composition alleles = any of the alternative gene forms at a given chromosomal locus b. The Division Process 1. Meiosis I (diploid 2n haploid 1n) 1) Prophase I 2) Metaphase I 3) Anaphase I 4) Telophase I 2. Interkinesis 3. Meiosis II (like mitosis: 1n 1n) 1) Prophase II 2) Metaphase II 3) Anaphase II 4) Telophase II 3. Gametogenesis Gametes = egg and sperm cells a. Spermatogenesis b. Oogenesis Do Review Sheet 4 on pages 49-52
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Exercise 5A The Cell: Transport Mechanisms and Cell Permeability – Wet Lab pp. 53-66 A. Passive Transport
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B-227 Lab 3 student - Lab 3 Finish Exercise 4 Exercises 5A...

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