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B-227 Lab 13 student notes - Lab 13 Lab Exercise #24...

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Lab 13 Lab Exercise #24 Special Senses: Vision Pages 363-375 1. Anatomy of the eye. a. External Anatomy and Accessory Structures (Activity 1: Identifying Accessory Eye Structures) 1) Eyebrows - rich sebaceous glands 2) Eyelids (or palpebrae) - palpebral fissure - lateral commissure/ canthus - medial commissure ( canthi) - lacrimal caruncle - conjunctiva - tarsal glands (meibomian glands) 3) Eyelashes - ciliary glands (glands of Zeis) (sty) 4) Lacrimal Apparatus a) Lacrimal Gland b) Lacrimal Ducts c) Lacrimal Punctum d) Lacrimal Canals (canaliculi) e) Lacrimal Sac [nasolacrimal duct] 5) Extrinsic Muscles of the Eye (LR 6 SO 4 ) 3 lateral rectus - VI abducens supeior oblique - IV trochlear all of the rest - III oculomotor
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2. Internal Anatomy of the Eye (Activity 2: Identifying Internal Structures of the Eye) - divided into 3 layers: Fibrous Tunic (sclera, cornea) Vascular Tunic or Uvea (choroids, ciliary body, iris) Nervous Tunic (Retina) or Sensory a. Fibrous Tunic 1) Sclera (extrinsic eye muscles attach here) 2) Cornea (1st element of the light focusing system) b. Vascular Tunic (Uvea) 1) Choroid - nonreflecting dark pigment - vascular 2) Ciliary Body (ciliary process, ciliary ring, ciliary muscles) 3) Iris - circular muscles – constrict (parasympathetic) - radial muscles – dilate (sympathetic) 4) Pupil c. Sensory/Nervous Tunic (Retina) 1) Retina - pigmented retina - sensory retina - three zones named in the order in which they conduct impulses: photoreceptor neurons bipolar neurons ganglion neurons a) Rod Cells = 95% b) Cone Cells = 5% - fovea centralis
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B-227 Lab 13 student notes - Lab 13 Lab Exercise #24...

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