Beautrow Fall 2010 English 101 Unit 1 Assn Sheet

Beautrow Fall 2010 English 101 Unit 1 Assn Sheet - Fall...

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Fall 2010 English 101 Beautrow Unit 1: Foundations of English 101 First, a bit about these assignment sheets. You’ll find them to be “text-heavy;” I cram a lot in so that we can refer back to these often as we work throughout a unit. So, be sure to hang onto these—you’ll want to look at them just as much as you look at the syllabus. I use these unit overviews to try to explain to you why we’re doing what we’re doing and to help us all consider how what we’re working on is not only another assignment to trudge through (I know the work in here won’t feel like that!) but instead a productive, challenging unit that really helps us develop as writers and thinkers. I appreciate you keeping these sheets and having them available every day in class . Overview Unit 1 is all about laying the groundwork for the rest of the semester. We’ll start off with you taking some time to think about where you’ve been with writing and where you want to go with your writing this semester. You’ll identify writing strategies that you’ve used and some new ones that you want to try out, and you’ll have the opportunity now and throughout the semester to try out these strategies. Because reading and writing are so interconnected, we’ll spend some time thinking about how you read, how you might read a text critically, and how you might approach difficult readings that you’ll encounter in your college career. We’ll also be looking into some foundational concepts about writing as particularly tied to this class—specifically rhetorical elements in writing—and you’ll work on defining a list of key words for this course. Be prepared for a lot of writing, reading, and reflection. Unit 1 Goals Establish rhythms of class Establish regular writing and reading Intensive reflection on defining writing, defining college writing, thinking about own experiences and those of others Final product draws from and integrates own experiences Assignments This section lists the details, technicalities, and expectations of major assignments. Day-to-day work and homework assignments will be listed in a schedule at the end of each unit sheet. 1. My Writing Letter: a letter about your writing experiences and your writing process Due Week One, Friday, August 27 I will be handing out a letter that I have written to you on the first day of class. All class materials are available on Blackboard if you do not have a copy of this letter. Your letter will mirror some of the elements that I include in my letter. In your letter, you should be sure to include the following content: 1. Describe/summarize at least two memorable writing experiences and discuss why they were memorable. 200 words. 2.
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This note was uploaded on 09/14/2011 for the course ENG 101 taught by Professor Beautrow during the Fall '10 term at Boise State.

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Beautrow Fall 2010 English 101 Unit 1 Assn Sheet - Fall...

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