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Boise State University College of Health Sciences HLTHST101 MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY Fall 2010 Meets Saturday mornings 8-11am Multipurpose Classroom Building, Room 101 Cynthia Clinkingbeard, MD, MHS Course Instructor Phone 371-6787 Email
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COURSE: HLTHST 101, Medical Terminology CREDIT ALLOCATION: 3 Semester Credits FACULTY: Cynthia Clinkingbeard, MD Phone 371-6787 Email Office: HSR Adjunct Office, By Appointment CATALOG DESCRIPTION: HLTHST 101 MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY (3-0-3) (F/S) Introduction to Greek and Latin prefixes, suffixes, combining forms and roots used in medical terminology, as well as the study of anatomical, physiological and pathological terms, clinical procedures, abbreviations and lab tests according to systems of the body. Medical terminology is treated as a medical language and clinical application is stressed. LEARNING OUTCOMES: The experiences in this course are designed to enable the student to: 1. Demonstrate the ability to read texts, charts and journals related to health and/ or medical sciences with understanding. 2.
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This note was uploaded on 09/14/2011 for the course HEALTH SCI HLTHST101 taught by Professor Dr.cynthiaclinkingbeard during the Fall '11 term at Boise State.

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MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY - Boise State University College of...

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