Chapter 15 Outline

Chapter 15 Outline - Health Chapter 15 Fiduciary : theyre...

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Health Chapter 15 Fiduciary : they’re doing things in their clients best interest Buying Health Care is Difficult Because… Many providers of similar services Price information is not standardized and difficult to obtain Hard to determine reliability Redress mechanisms are inefficient o Must use nontraditional forms of redress (complain to county medical board or hospital self-regulatory agency) o National Practitioner Database (info on malpractice payments) is unavailable for consumers Purchasing Guidelines: Learn about the service Check for registration, certificate, licensure (don’t want a random person drilling your teeth): (a) Registration – formal recording of names (registered occupations rarely restricted – mechanics) (b) Certification – formal confirmation that something is true, accurate, or genuine *financial counselors, physical therapists, nurses, accountants (c) Licensure – official recording of names by state board, commission, or other gov’t agency *provides legal permission or authorization to do a specific thing Identify unique consumer problems Determine if provider has conflicts of interest Inquire about complaint procedures Develop list of most important criteria US System: Run by insurance companies (we have very high process because people can get away with charging them Avoids insuring those with major problems Focuses on minimizing cost
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Cost shifting (health care premiums are raised to cover the cost
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Chapter 15 Outline - Health Chapter 15 Fiduciary : theyre...

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