Chapter 16 Outline

Chapter 16 Outline - P roduct Safety Issues Chapter 16...

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Product Safety Issues Chapter 16 Statistics… Each year, 1 in 4 Americans injured or killed Deaths; o Vehicle crashes: 41,800 o Firearms: 32,000 o Falls: 13,000 o Poisonings: 6,000 o Drownings: 6,000 o Fire/burns: 4,000 o Consumer products 29 ,000 Accidents leading cause of death for children Product Safety: Tension between safety advocates and product manufacturers Government is referee Political influences reduce government’s involvement Example: Dalkon Shield for women; severe pelvic pain and holes in research Goals: o Reduce the number of injuries o Reduce the severity of injuries that happen Before government can attempt to regulate improved product safety, a number of factors are examined: (1)Need for adequate information (data on number of deaths and injuries) (2)Causal Factors – people often “blame the product” for an injury – need to assess what the cause of injury/death is Causal Factors in Injuries: o Poorly designed or defective products o Misuse that is foreseeable o Incorrect age use (<16 on an ATV) o Environmental factors (weather, light) o Human behavior
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Knowledge State of body or mind Safety Decisions: o Cost/benefit analysis Approach to policy recommendation that quantifies monetary costs and benefits Net benefit is the total of all the benefits of a course of action less all the cost How much risk? o
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Chapter 16 Outline - P roduct Safety Issues Chapter 16...

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