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Unformatted text preview: Food, Inc. assignment Due Friday 1/28 – to be turned in through your recitation section’s Sakai site. A. Watch the movie Food, Inc. (It’s widely available in video rental places as well as from iTunes, and if you’re a Netflix subscriber, you can stream it to your computer.) B. Answer the following questions, taking no more than one page total: 1. Which part of the film’s description of the US food system did you find most interesting, surprising, or disturbing? 2. What implications might this interesting, surprising, or disturbing fact have for what kinds of food choices people ought to make? (and/or what kinds of state, local, or national policies we ought to adopt?) 3. What else would you want to learn about this interesting, surprising, or disturbing fact in order to decide what (if anything) to do about it? ...
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