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04.objections - Assignment#4: Presenting an objection...

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Unformatted text preview: Assignment #4: Presenting an objection to an argument Due Friday, February 25 Here is an argument for veganism: 1) It's impermissible to cause harm to sentient creatures without a good enough reason. 2) Eating any sort of animal product causes harm to sentient creatures without a good enough reason._______________________________________________ 3) It's impermissible to eat any sort of animal product. In approximately one (double spaced) page, present what you take to be the best objection to this argument, as clearly and precisely as you can. Remember that these short assignments are to be thought of as warm ­ups for writing a paper: When you write a whole paper, you’ll (a) present an argument, (b) motivate the argument  ­ say something about what the argument’s got going for it, (c) present a possible objection (or some possible objections) to the argument, (d) look at possible responses to the objections you’ve raised, (e) say whether you think that, at the end of the day, the argument holds up against the objections or not, and why. In this assignment, you’re just doing (c) above. So with that in mind: Make sure that you:  ­ Make clear which premise of the argument your chosen objection is an objection to.  ­ Make clear just why your objection undermines the targeted premise For purposes of this assignment, you do not need to:  ­ Present or explain the argument that's being objected to (except insofar as some potential unclarity about how the argument goes is relevant to explaining the objection)  ­ Say anything conclusive about whether, at the end of the day, the objection succeeds ...
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