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Unformatted text preview: Short Assignment #6 Due Friday April 29th. SINCE IT’S LONGER THAN A STANDARD SHORT ASSIGNMENT, THIS ASSIGNMENT COUNTS DOUBLE In about two pages, answer the following: 1) What kind of food policy (i.e., a personal policy about what sorts of food to eat and/or avoid) do you think it would be best to follow? (For someone in your social, economic, etc. position.) This could be any of the sorts of views we've talked about  ­ conscientious omnivory, unrestricted eat ­everything ­ism, vegetarianism, veganism, locavorism, organic ­only ­ ism, etc.  ­ or some combination of these, or something else that we haven't talked about. Be sure to explain what the policy amounts to. (That is, don't just say, for example, "conscientious omnivory", or "veganism". Since most of the sorts of views we've talked about come in several different kinds, it's a good idea to spend some time explaining what the policy requires, prohibits, etc..) 2) How come? What's the argument (or what are the arguments) that make you think that that's the way to go? 3) How difficult would it be to live by this policy? (If it would be prohibitively difficult, is there another policy that's almost as good that would be easier to live by, and would the difficulty of living by the original policy be a good reason for opting for this second ­best policy instead?) ...
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