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Unformatted text preview: Extra Credit Assignment: “Consider the Lobster” and Gallistel Due Friday, Feb 18. David Foster Wallace spends a lot of time in “Consider the Lobster” talking about lobsters’ nervous systems, the perception of pain, and so forth. (A lot of this discussion happens in the footnotes – it’s worth reading these.)1 Pick one of the following, and answer in one (double spaced) page: 1) Why does he spend so much time discussing this? Why does he think that it matters what lobsters’ nervous systems are like? Is he right? 2) Explain what you found most interesting about Wallace’s discussion of animal thought, and/or Randy Gallistel’s discussion in his guest lecture. Did it change how you think or feel about eating lobster? About eating other kinds of animals? Why or why not? 1 A lot of Wallace’s best jokes also happen in the footnotes, so it’s doubly worth reading them. ...
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