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Extra Credit #5, Labeling Schemes: Due Friday, 4/08 Pick some labeling scheme (fairtrade, organic, cage free, rainforest alliance, etc. - some examples are below) and do the following (in no more than one double spaced page): 1) Identify the organization that supervises the labeling scheme. Is it a government agency? A charity? A business organization? Or what? 2) Identify what the official requirements are for certification - what does a product have to be like, officially, in order to bear the label? 3) Find out what sorts of compliance mechanisms are in place. How does the supervising organization verify that the products that bear the label actually satisfy the requirements? 4) Find out, if possible, how good the compliance rates are. How
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Unformatted text preview: confident are we entitled to be that the products bearing the label actually satisfy the labeling requirements? (If you researched a labeling scheme for your poster, make sure that you pick a different one for this assignment.) Some candidate labeling schemes to look at (this is a sampling, not anything like an exhaustive list): USDA Organic Fairtrade/Fair Trade Certified/Transfair Rainforest Alliance Equal Exchange Seafood Safe Safe Harbor Marine Stewardship Council Wild American Shrimp Best Aquaculture Practices Certified Humane Animal Welfare Approved Halal Kosher Bird Friendly (Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center certification for coffee)...
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