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Unformatted text preview: Some candidate topics: What’s the difference between... 1. Organic and conventional agriculture 2. Organic and conventional strawberries 3. Organic and conventional bananas 4. Organic, heirloom, and ordinary supermarket tomatoes 5. Organic and conventional flour 6. Whole grain and white flour 7. Beet sugar, cane sugar and corn syrup 8. Sugar and artificial sweetener 9. Aspartame and sucralose 10. Butter and margarine 11. Salt and MSG 12. Bottled water and tap water 13. Fair trade, organic, and shade ­grown coffee 14. Fair trade and non ­fairtrade chocolate 15. Organic, free ­range, and conventional beef 16. Pork and lamb 17. Beef and buffalo 18. Red and white veal 19. Free ­range, organic, and conventional chicken 20. Kosher, Halal, and other meat 21. Pasture, organic, and conventional pork 22. French and American foie gras 23. Beef and beans 24. Chicken and tofu 25. Organic and conventional milk 26. Horizon and Organic Valley 27. Soy milk and cow’s milk 28. Raw milk and pasteurized milk 29. Cheese from raw milk cheese and cheese from pasteurized milk 30. US and European cheese 31. Wild, farmed, atlantic, and pacific salmon 32. Ahi tuna and tilapia 33. Cod and trout 34. Crab and lobster 35. Domestic and imported shrimp 36. Scallops and mussels 37. Octopus and squid 38. Frozen fish and fresh fish 39. Chipotle and Qdoba 40. Ben and Jerry’s and Baskin Robbins 41. Starbucks and Au Bon Pain 42. Newman’s Own and Orville Redenbacher popcorn 43. Genetically modified and non ­GM grains 44. Genetically modified and non ­GM vegetables 45. Peanuts and almonds 46. Frozen, fresh, and canned vegetables 47. Hydroponic and conventional tomatoes 48. Cavendish bananas and Gros Michel bananas 49. Apples and oranges Something else – what are you interested in researching? ...
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